Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Drink & Draw and Community Lover's Guide

Two new exciting events have been confirmed to take place during the Romsey Art Festival. One of which is a Drink & Draw event to be hosted by Cambridge artist Sa'adiah Khan aimed to push the boundaries and restrictions of art and drawing, the second a meet up based around the project called 'Community Lover's Guide' which will be celebrating everything that makes Cambridge and Romsey unique: our infalible sense of community.

Both these events will be a chance to meet other local artists, art enthusiasts, as well as other people involved in the community. Click here to see more information on the events!

We are currently looking for volunteers to help us with stewarding and publicity for the events. If you are interested in our event and want to get involved please email ellie@cambridgeartsalon.org.uk .

Romsey Art Festival will also be at the Gwydir Street Party on the 29th of June, so come and see us! For more information on the event find it on Facebook.