Sunday, 16 June 2013


Hi everyone!

Sorry for the delay in the updates, I’ve been finishing up my degree show so been very busy! Anyway here you are! First of all thanks for all the applications for the Hope Street Yard Arts & Crafts Market, the deadline is now closed and all participating artists will be informed shortly.

Susie Olczak will also be hosting an ‘Open Studio’ on the 3rd of August, you will be able to explore her working environment as well as seeing demonstrations of how her work is produced.

Katy Macdonald with be running a printmaking workshop entitled ‘Boats and Dreams: Floating Lanterns’, this will be held at the Cambridge Art Salon on the 3rd of August. Produced work will then be on show at Hope Street Yard from 8pm.

Laura Watton-Davis and Cambridge University will be running a Bento workshop at The Junction. The Japanese art of bento (assembling and decorating packed lunches) takes ordinary lunchtime foods to the whole new level. Who could think that you could make adorable characters using bread, rice, seaweed… and a bit of imagination!

Fore more information all these events, click on the events page up top.

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